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“With a winning positive attitude, and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, Humanity is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available. It is completely in-valuable to our business and operation.”

– Taryn Wa – Savoury Chef –

Business Overview

CxC Studio 151 was formed in the Spring of 2007. We are one of 4 Studios on LSU’s campus that are part of the Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) program. CxC Studios assist all LSU students with improving their communication skills. Our Studios are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled communication mentors. Each studio provides a host of basic services, including, but not limited to, assistance with writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication skills, and video recording of student presentation practice sessions, final presentations, and critiques. Studio 151 specifically serves the video and audio production and post-production needs of students working on advanced multimedia assignments.

Scheduling Overview

I started with 6 student employees when I was using a paper based spreadsheet system. All of our staff are full-time LSU students. Their class schedules change from semester to semester, and we have to work around their academic class schedules, so finding free time in their days to schedule them for work has always been a challenge. Having full coverage of staff at all hours of normal operating hours was always hard to visualize and plan for given that there were blocks of time throughout the day that they weren’t available. Being able input their unavailable times down to the 15 minute increment has been helpful to plan around these gaps.



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Previous Scheduling Method

Previously, I used a printed Excel spreadsheet with their scheduled times. It was taped to my desk, and it was out-of-date within days of making the schedule.

Since Humanity

When I started using the work scheduler Humanity, I had just been assigned a total of 14 students, so I knew I had to get ahead of the curve, or I was going to be spending my day drowning in schedules. Since then we have added staff and services every semester, up to our current roster of 26 student workers.

I would definitely recommend the work scheduler to anyone needing a team scheduling solution. The software is amazingly easy to use. Can’t complain about a product that just works.

The Humanity team is very easy to work with given how good their product is, but everything is so easy to use, and is constantly being updated, so I’ve never really had much interaction with the team other than some initial questions about the functionality. Thanks for all the hard work.

…product that just works. – Kevin DiBenedetto – CxC Studio 151

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“We like that Humanity doesn't keep your data behind its walled garden.”


“With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease.”


“It is an intuitive product, with a nice range of features.”

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