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scheduled breaks

Product Update: Adding Scheduled Breaks to Staff Shifts

We’ve added an option that enables managers to create scheduled breaks for their staff members within each created shift.

time clock distance calculations

Product Update: Time Clock Distance Calculations and Bulk Editing for Staff Details

We’re kicking 2018 off the same way we ended 2017 - bringing you great new staff management and scheduling features to speed up your processes...

employee availability app

Mobile App for Employees Update: Availability and More

One request we have received from many of you since the launch was to enable employees to set their future and weekly Availability right from...

Introducing Humanity Station

Ready to take your company’s time clocking experience to a whole new level? Say hello to Humanity Station.

Late for Work: How to Properly Handle Chronic Employee Lateness

If you are facing the issue of having to deal with employees who have a hard time showing up to work on time and you’re...

Time Sheet Comparisons and Break Visibility

We’re kicking the new year off the same way we ended 2015, with new features!