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Using Humanity for shift creation with 1-min increment

Product Update: Shift Creation with 1-min Increment

Shift creation with 1-min increment is a new feature that lets you tailor shift duration to meet your needs while keeping your costs at bay.

Product Update: Assigning Required Skills on a Shift

Assigning required skills to a shift is an extremely helpful feature that allows schedulers to ensure that they have the right talent needed for a...

The Complete Guide to Absence Management

Employee absenteeism is a significant source of concern—and expense—for businesses both large and small.

Product Update: Creating Custom Reports and Schedule Templates

Once again, we’re kicking the month off by rolling out a couple of new features that many of our customers have been very eager to...

8 hour shift schedules for 5 days

How to Create an 8 Hour Employee Shift Schedules for 5 Days a Week

Here’s how to create a basic 8-hour shift schedule for 5 days a week in a spreadsheet.

Product Update: A New, Faster Way of Scheduling Shifts and More

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with some great new improvements to your employee scheduling experience?

scheduled breaks

Product Update: Adding Scheduled Breaks to Staff Shifts

We’ve added an option that enables managers to create scheduled breaks for their staff members within each created shift.

shift trade

Product Update: A New and Improved Flow for Trading, Releasing and Dropping Shifts

We’ve completely revamped the entire user experience for employees who are not able to work shifts they have been assigned and want to either trade,...

Product Update: Conflict Calculations within the Shift Edit Window

With our latest update, you are now able to see all of the information you need to create a conflict-free shift right inside your Shift...

Product Updates: Shift History and Skill Association

Another month, another set of great new staff scheduling features coming your way in Humanity!

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