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24/7 Coverage With 8 Hour Recurring Shifts Between Four Employees

Having a business that is operating 24/7 is no longer uncommon in this day and age.

Nurse Scheduling Software: How to Keep Nurses Safe and Satisfied

Keeping nurses happier and safer should be the top priority for healthcare managers who want to retain their best employees.

4 Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Scheduling Your Staff

It's time to automate your staff scheduling process and spend more time on interesting and meaningful company tasks.

On-Call Scheduling Feature Now Available for More Scheduling Flexibility

At Humanity, we do our best to listen to our clients and their needs. With that, we are releasing our on-callscheduling feature for our application on Tuesday (tomorrow). We...

Improved Functionality of Our Print Schedule Option

As we continue to embrace our ability to view schedules online, we still believe in the good ol’ print button. We understand that your business still values printed schedules...

Easily and Accurately Manage Employee Vacation Scheduling with Humanity’s New ‘Deduct Weekends’ Feature

Employee vacation times are an essential factor in a manager’s preparation and creation of a schedule that works for all staff. Humanity streamlines the scheduling process by allowing employees to set their availability times,...

Ask The Wizard: How Does Leave Management Work in Humanity?

One of the many things in consideration when compiling a schedule is employee leave management. Unlikeemployee availability, which usually stays the same over a long period of time,...

Convenient and Efficient Shift Trading Processed On Our Mobile Scheduling App

Remember fumbling through seemingly endless email threads and constantly being on your phone in attempt to hunt down any coworker who was available to trade...

Ask The Wizard: How Do I View Open Shifts on the Mobile Scheduling App?

Humanity is constantly adding our many desktop functionalities to our mobile scheduling app. Open shiftsavailable for pickup as well as shift requests waiting for approval are accessible in the Humanity’s...

Employee Auto-Scheduler Saves Scheduling Time

To add to the employee scheduling feature of our workforce management application, there is now an auto-scheduler that will automatically detect empty shifts or unfilled open slots and...

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