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Our core value are teamwork, open communication, and respect.

It’s not just about the work.

The key to a successful business is happy, balanced, productive employees who are passionate about the company as well as what they do. Regular employees of Humanity are eligible to participate in a number of company-sponsored benefits:

Benefits that Humanity offers


Vacation, Holidays, and Remote Work

Humanity employees are eligible and accrue a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation per year of Humanity employment.. Paid vacation is additional to sick days, public holidays, education days, compensation days, and remote days. Humanity employees are eligible to 20 days of remote work.



Families, children, and spouses are part of the Humanity extended family. That’s why we offer two weeks of PTO to both parents in addition to parental leave provided under local legislation (amount of time-off dependent on country/office).


Health Insurance

All Humanity employees are eligible to participate in health benefits and insurance—medical, dental, vision. HMO, PPO, and international plans will have you and your family covered.


Stock Options

As a pre-IPO company, everyone on the team gets to share in the vision, pride and financial success of our organization through our employee equity program.


Activity Compensation

Physical health and mental health are of the utmost importance to us at Humanity. Humanity employees have access to team-building events, exercise programs, on-site massages, and other wellness programs. Additionally, employees have a montly budget for gym expenses and other recreational programs. (Programs differ per Humanity office.)


Catered Breakfast & Lunch

All Humanity employees are entitled to food and beverage services. Fresh fruit, coffee, tea, cereals, and a catered lunch is provided. Carnivores, vegans, paleos, and others in-between have many choices every day.


Ongoing Education & Training

We encourage our employees to stay abreast of technology trends, as well as domain and function-specific innovations. Conferences, classes, workshops, courses, Kindle and more are available. (Subject to manager approval.)

Programs and benefits are updated annually. Find out more by applying now.

When we said “play hard”, we meant it.

“Team building” is not a task we do to get over with it. We understand how important it is to not only blow off steam but also to learn more about each other and connect outside the office routine. And trust us—you’ll be in great company.


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