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“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

Devin Connors – Boston Pizza

Business Overview

We have 9 workers: 1 full-time and 8 part-time. We opened in late 2009. Cafémantic has since existed to promote the relationship between a coffee culture and our community. We have been a major driver in sparking the resurgence of our community’s downtown economic base. We thrive on our commitment to the community as contributor to the local economy.

Our mission is to: Maximize our commitment to the community as an innovative and sustainable company that promotes economic growth and builds lasting relationships with our customers.

Mission Objectives:
Promote the relationship between a coffee culture and our community.
Become a leader in innovation.
Cultivate a high quality product mix.
Develop and discover opportunities for our staff to flourish.
Foster partnerships and collaboration between our company, businesses and individuals in our community.

Scheduling Overview

One of the most difficult challenges that the work scheduler Humanity has helped alleviate is employing many college students with course schedules; their availability can change from semester to semester. With the work scheduler’s Availability feature we are able to get our college student employees’ schedules well in advance and plan for any conflicts ahead of time. Also in the past relying on paper scheduling or scheduling that requires a more human element leaves a much larger gap for error. For instance conflicts can be overlooked, employees run the risk of not showing up because of a late posting, “I checked the schedule and I wasn’t on it”… Humanity practically diminishes all of those problems by taking out the risks associated with just one person producing a schedule.



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Previous Scheduling Method

Initially all our scheduling was done on MS Outlook – it was a nightmare; everything had to be inputted manually. There was no way to run reports, share schedules, take requests or set availability. It provided the best option without having to invest in a expensive and overly complicated software.

Since Humanity

Humanity serves as an amazing tool for a startup company with limited resources to schedule like the big boys!

At this point the work scheduler has cut time spent scheduling probably by 90% and probably saved the company $1000’s by being able to easily run reports and analyze scheduling patterns related to sales. I would recommend Humanity to everyone and anyone and the team is excellent – anytime I had a question I received an immediate response by email. The updates and changes on the work scheduler are clearly driven by the needs of the customer.

Errors in our scheduling are now virtually non-existent. We are able to adjust scheduling trends immediately and communicate with staff quicker than any other method when we need to make scheduling changes based on company needs

…schedule like the big boys! – Andrew Gütt – Cafémantic


From an idea of the part time employees, they requested that managers use the Wall for posting any announcements related to changes on the job. Also the message feature is by far the easiest way to reach all employees by email rather than going through an email client such as Outlook.

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“We like that Humanity doesn't keep your data behind its walled garden.”


“With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease.”


“It is an intuitive product, with a nice range of features.”

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