Warning: 9 Personalities That Can Ruin Your Black Friday

Warning: 9 Personalities That Can Ruin Your Black Friday

Do yourself a favor, and read the 9 types of personalities below to survive 2014's Black Friday.

According to Bloomberg. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, with sales over $12.3 billion in 2013. About 97 million people planned to ship online or in stores on Friday, with about 140 million intending to do so Thanksgiving through Sunday, the National Retail Federation said.

That being said, you need to plan accordingly with your employees to handle the craziest shopping day for your retail location. The retail hunger games are in full effect, and there are people that get a bit carried away. Do yourself a favor, and read the 9 types of personalities below to survive 2014’s Black Friday.

1. The Aggressive
Warning: Items may be thrown at your face.

2. The Determined
“What do you mean you are sold out of Crocs?!”

3. The Sleep Deprived
Vanessa Fayemiwo, Vivian Ademola
It would be fun they said.

4. The Unfortunate Children
Don’t be this parent. Even if it’s a toy store.

5. The Night Owler
Black Friday Holiday Shopping
Team no sleep.

6. The Sleepwear Advocates
Might as well bring your bed.

7. The Veterans
It’s a war zone in retail.

8. The Sprinters

8. The Random Dog
Again, don’t be this pet owner.

9. The Angry Panda
Well… there might a be a 1/8,000,000 chance this might happen.

You have been warned. Please shop responsibly…and please keep your employees organized.

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