If you manage to increase employee job satisfaction it is not only going to benefit them, but it will also benefit the business as a whole. Many studies have shown how management strategies that increase employee job satisfaction lead to a more productive workforce and a more success business overall. Huge modern enterprises like Google are a fine example of how looking after staff will lead to fantastic gains; in fact if you investigate you will discover that almost all the most successful companies around the world take thier ability to increase employee job satisfaction seriously.

If you want to avoid all the hassle that comes with replacing staff, and the poor image this creates for customers, then you will need to do all you can to increase employee job satisfaction. There are quite a few ways of doing this, and it may be a case of experimenting with different approaches until you find what works with your company. It should be something a bit more significant then picking an ‘employee of the month’ though.

One cause of complaint among staff is often concerned with scheduling. Workers have home lives as well as work lives, and this should always be factored into scheduling decisions. One way of increasing employee job satisfaction is by introducing a self-scheduling scheme. This will put the control of schedule in the hands of the staff themselves, and they will be able to choose their time off as they see fit; it will be up to them to ensure that each shift is fully staffed and that they work their contract hours. If the staff member is unable to get the time off they want then they will understand why and this will increase employee job satisfaction because of their feelings of control over the process.

Giving your staff more responsibility and autonomy is a great way to increase employee job satisfaction. If you trust you employees to do the tasks assigned to them without constantly looking over their shoulder then this will make them feel like they are trusted and they will likely reward this trust; a task goes from being something that they are expected to do to being something that is “their” responsibility.

There’s always room to grow.

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If you want to increase employee job satisfaction then you need to have good communication in place. Staff should be allowed to be critical and to feel they can raise concerns in a non-threatening environment. If employees are afraid to speak then they are unlikely to put much effort into the job and they will probably want to leave as soon as possible. If the employee has an idea it should be listened to respectfully; this way you will increase employee job satisfaction and if it is a good idea it will benefit the business.

One thing that you must avoid if you want to increase employee job satisfaction is constant change or uncertainty in regards to what is expected of the employee. The staff member should always know what they need to do to keep the business successful, and if they don’t they can easily stop trying.