The Time Clock is 126 Years Old Today!

The Time Clock is 126 Years Old Today!

We’d like to take a moment here at Humanity to pay tribute to our dear friend, the time clock, who turns 126 today!

We’d like to take a moment here at Humanity to pay tribute to our dear friend, the time clock, who turns 126 today!

The Time Clock is one of Humanity’s most important and integral features, but what you see in our platform is a far cry from the original time clock, invented on November 20, 1888 by famed American innovator Willard Le Grand Bundy.

The jeweler from New York ended up patenting his invention in 1889 and a year later, he was already mass producing time clocks with his brother as the Bundy Manufacturing Company.

Fast forward a couple decades and the Bundy company merges with a couple other similar companies to form the International Time Recording Company, which would later become IBM, making the integration of time clocking and computers all but inevitable in hindsight.

If you take a look at the first ever time clock – and you can, it’s on display currently at the Bundy Museum of History & Art in Binghamton, New York – it’s much like looking at the first computer ever invented. It’s huge!

Just like computers, the time clock kept getting smaller and smaller, and the next great revolution in time and attendance management took place in the late 1970s, when the first punched-card systems started being produced and shipped out to employers around the world.

Naturally, these mechanical machines became dinosaurs in the late twentieth century, as this process started to become computer-based and electronic.

And now in 2014, more than 100 years after it’s birth, the time clock fits snuggly into your pocket!

Your time clock is now in the cloud. It’s accessible from anywhere, housed in your preferred workforce management mobile app, hopefully Humanity!

And while you now have a level of convenience when it comes to checking in and out of your work shifts that Mr. Bundy probably would not have been able to imagine in his wildest dreams, it’s always important to remember where it all started and pay respects to the originators.

So thank you, Mr. Bundy, and happy birthday time clock! We look forward to watching you grow and change over the coming years. And we, Humanity, also hope to be a very important influence in your future upbringing as you continue to evolve!

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