Introducing Humanity’s New Messaging System

Introducing Humanity’s New Messaging System

When it comes to collaborating with your colleagues, having easy-to-use internal messaging capabilities is crucial. And that’s just what you get with Humanity’s new-and-improved, completely revamped Messaging system.

When it comes to collaborating with your colleagues, having easy-to-use internal messaging capabilities is crucial. And that’s just what you get with Humanity’s new-and-improved, completely revamped Messaging system.

We’ve completely redesigned your Inbox to not only make it easier to use, but to also give you more messaging capabilities than before. In an effort to make our messaging system as intuitive as possible, we’ve designed it to look very similar to what any typical, popular email client would look like. So if you can use email, you can use Humanity’s messaging system – it’s as simple as that!

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

The Messaging system is located right where your old Inbox was located, at the top of the left menu. And since we are still in beta testing, you will notice that your old Inbox is still located right above it. You can access all of your old messages through the original Inbox still, don’t worry!

To check out the new messaging system, simply click on “Messaging” to start talking with your co-workers.

As you can probably already tell, it looks very similar to your favorite email client.


Your Inbox is opened when you enter the Humanity messaging system. All of the messages that you have received will be listed in your Inbox – 50 messages per page. The messages are listed chronologically by the date they were received with the most recently received messages listed at the top.


If you have not received any messages, there will simply be a message stating that your Inbox is currently empty.

If you have more than 50 messages in your Inbox and want to access an earlier conversation, you can navigate through the pages by clicking on the Previous and Next Page buttons located in the top right corner.


If you want to clean up your Inbox and delete some messages from it, you can either check the messages manually or use our filter system.

The single checkbox at the top allows you to select or deselect all of the message on one page.


When you have selected at least one message, a Delete button will appear.

If you click on the Delete button, you will be asked to confirm the action. Once you confirm it, the message or messages you have selected will be deleted from your Inbox.


Underneath, you will see a filter option that will allow you to select messages according to the following criteria: All, None, Read, Unread.


There is also a Refresh button that will allow you to refresh your Inbox to see whether you have received any new messages since entering the messaging system.

The Sentbox is where you can see all of the messages that you have sent to your co-workers – a feature that was previously unavailable.

Simple click on the Inbox drop-down menu to switch to your Sentbox.


Of course, all of the options described above for the Inbox work for the Sentbox as well.

Composing a New Message

The button for composing a new message is located in the top right corner of your messaging system.


First, select who you want to send your message to.

Start typing in the search input field to find the people or person you want to contact by name. Click on the person’s name to add them to the conversation.


You can also add groups by position instead of individual co-workers as recipients. Or you can check the people you want to send the message to from the list of Individuals below.


If you want to remove people from the conversation, either unclick the name of the person or group or click on the X next to them to delete them from the list of recipients.


Giving the message a subject and message is also mandatory before you can send it.

Once you have chosen the recipients, entered a subject and message, and are ready to send the message off, simply click Send Message. You can also click Cancel to refrain from sending the message.


Once the message is sent, you will be redirected to your Inbox.

Reading Messages

The great thing about reading messages is that you are able to see the entire conversation between you and the co-worker or co-workers stemming from the initial message.

Once you click on a message from your Inbox or Sentbox, you will enter the message and see not only that message, but up to nine previous ones from that conversation.


Please note that you will not be able to see messages sent after the message that you have clicked on, only the ones preceding the message you have chosen to view.

If there are more than nine previous messages in that thread, you can click on See Previous and see the next ten messages from that thread.

To continue the conversation, there is no need to compose a new message. You can simply reply from within that message using the text area at the bottom.


Whenever you have a new message in your Inbox, there will be a notification displayed on your Dashboard. Simply click on the link to head over to read your new message or messages.


You can also manage your preferences and choose whether you want to receive email and SMS notifications every time you receive a new message.

Go to Profile > Notifications and set your preferences for private messages under Communication.


Managing Messaging Permissions

If you are the manager or supervisor of your Humanity account and feel that your employees do not need the ability to message each other, who can change the permissions.

Go to your Admin panel and then click on Account Settings. Head down to “Message Wall Settings.”

Here you can decide whether you want to allow your employees to send messages to each other or whether you only want the managers to be able to send messages to the team.


When the option is unchecked: managers and supervisors can send messages to everyone, schedulers can send messages to employees and positions under their management, but employees cannot send messages.

It should be noted that in either case, everyone will be able to reply to all messages sent to them.

And that about covers it all.

Be advised: It’s important to note that the new system is currently only available when using Humanity’s web app and cannot be accessed via our mobile app.

We encourage you to try it out and gives us your honest opinions and feedback so that we can provide you with an in-app messaging system that will meet all of your business needs.

Once the new messaging system is completely tested and ready to go, you will be able to use it via our mobile app and transfer all of your old messages into it.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about our new Messaging system. If you have any questions or feature requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Happy Scheduling (and Messaging)!

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