Grace Centers of Hope, founded in 1942, is the oldest and largest homeless shelter in Oakland County, Pontiac, Michigan. They serve roughly 1,050 men, women and children in the course of a year – offering 30 day emergency shelter services and a yearlong rehabilitation program. GCH is supported entirely by private donations and 4 thrift stores; located in Waterford, Sterling Heights, Warren and Oak Park. Currently they are staffed with more than 100 employees and the count is growing year by year.

As the employee turnover is growing, GCH was facing various challenges in managing them efficiently. It became time consuming to keep manual records of the staff with considerable amount of paperwork involved in the process. In order to keep track of employee work hours they were using Excel. Managers used to enter employee work hours manually on daily basis and employees used to sign off on time cards. Scheduling was handled by individual location with their own system. The communication used to happen through emails. The whole process was time consuming and inefficient.

GCH turned to Humanity as it offers set of all workforce management tools managed in a centralized web based system. Now after switching to Humanity it became very easy for employees as well as managers to clock in/out and keep track of work hours from a centralized system. Employees can not only see scheduled shifts from  their mobile phones but also they get reminders of upcoming shifts. Humanity’s web based workforce management tools have eliminated all manual processes for GCH. The Android and Apple mobile apps have provided a true flexibility for GCH employees and managers.

When asked about benefits of our workforce management tools, Brandon Hahn, Accountant at GCH said,

Implementing a uniform, web based system has drastically improved our operations and gotten us on the right track to run a more efficient organization.

There’s always room to grow.

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Humanity Team is happy to see the way it streamlined and made GCH operations run efficiently.

Happy Scheduling!