DeSoto County Emergency Services is a governmental agency which provides 911 emergency medical service, fire and rescue services to the fastest growing county in the State of Mississippi. They operate out of five separate facilities. With a full time staff of 18 and 20 part time employees, it is important for them to have a streamline scheduling to keep the staff updated as well as utilize the available resources effectively.

Before switching to Humanity they used to have a handwritten calendar which was difficult to manage as it had to be faxed out to each station and any changes had to be sent back and forth multiple times. Also managing time off requests was a problem. That means it was necessary for them to have a dedicated resource to manage all the scheduling activities manually.

After switching to Humanity all the scheduling activities have become streamlined. No longer  they are tied to the office as the Humanity mobile app and web based software allows them to schedule on the fly. It has allowed them to manage time off requests with ease and with multi location- multi department support Humanity has saved significant amount of time for DeSoto County Emergency Services staff.

It was great to hear when Tim Curtis, Deputy Director at DeSoto County Emergency Services said,

My favorite thing is the portability.  I can do schedule changes on the fly.

Happy Scheduling!