Humanity’s mobile scheduling apps give our customers ability to do various workforce management activities efficiently on the go. At Humanity our job is to help you run your business with same efficiency irrespective of centralized or distributed workforce. Right now an employee can easily trade shifts, clock in/out, book a vacation or communicate with other employees with our mobile scheduling app. Also managers can create,assign and track schedules on the go. Taking this forward we have added more functionality into our mobile scheduling apps.

There are times when you need to assign schedules to the remote site employees for your business. Previously there was no way to identify remote sites from the mobile app. Now this feature is added to our mobile scheduling app. The new remote site feature gives ability to managers to create shifts by selecting appropriate remote site for your business and even they can add new remote site from the app itself.

How and where can I access this feature?

This feature is added by default to our mobile scheduling app.

To see and use this feature,

Go to Schedule tab in your app as seen in picture below

Once you get into the schedule tab, you will see ‘+’ sign at top right corner, Click that sign and you will see following,

Now click on ‘select work site’ and you will see all the remote sites in your account

If the remote site is not listed you can create new work site. You can create shift timing and assign it to the available person.

Once you click ‘Save Shift’ you will see all the information about the shift with location of the site shown in google maps.

We hope this new ‘remote site’ feature in our mobile scheduling app will help managers to create and assign shifts on the go. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below, send email to or tweet us @Humanity

Happy Scheduling!