While successfully running your own small business can never be considered a walk in the park, we can all be thankful that technology (like small business apps) is there to help independent businesspeople make certain aspects of their jobs easier.

Multi-tasking and keeping tabs on many aspects of one’s business is something that most small business owners cannot avoid, especially when starting out. With that in mind, it’s good to know that there are plenty of apps out there that are tailored to small business owners and their needs.

Here are eight excellent tools that can help small business owners stay on top of their many duties.

small business apps


Developed with startups and small businesses in mind, Knowlium is all about helping you create the perfect business plan for you. This software helps you to plan your business strategy and manage your team and resources in order to reach your goals.

You can use Knowlium to first develop a business strategy and then turned it into an actionable plan, all the while monitoring your progress.

As one of the top small business apps, Knowlium also allows you to invite colleagues, advisors and stakeholders to view and collaborate on your business plan with you.


Of all of the video conferencing apps available, Fuze is probably the most robust and reliable. The best thing about this video conferencing tool is that it works perfectly on just about every possible device and operating system, even the newest tablets.

It’s very easy to set up and the video and audio quality you get are second to none. Constant communication between team members and collaborators is incredibly important for small businesses, especially if you do not share an office.

Fuze gives you the best possible solution when it comes to video conferencing and keeping in touch with very little hassle involved.


There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Evernote as a great app for staying organized and taking quality notes, but not many are aware that it works just as well for business collaboration as it does for personal use.

You can take notes for yourself, organize all of your tasks and ideas, and then share them with collaborators. Another great feature of Evernote is their to-do lists. These can really helps your whole team stay on task and give them the ability to see how far along everyone is on certain projects.


If you hate going through tedious paperwork and contracts, Pramata is something you might want to check out. The app digs through the contracts and makes the paperwork much easier for regular people to understand.

So if you’re not that familiar with the legal jargon, this small business app deciphers all of the gibberish for you and allows you to understand what you are reading and eventually signing.

small business apps

Crazy Egg

In today’s world, small businesses live and die by their online presences. And when it comes to having a strong presence online, the first thing you need is a great website. Crazy Egg helps you to maximize the visits you get to your website.

According to the company, the app gives you a pair of “x-ray glasses” that let you see what people are doing when they enter your site. This then allows you to see what is confusing or lacking on your website and then tweak it in order to optimize it and capture more leads.

It’s one of the better tools available for easy and incredibly holistic website performance analysis. If this sounds interesting to you, check out Crazy Egg for 60 days free of charge.


Are you tired of constantly having to chase people in order to update your address book? Addappt is an app that makes this process much easier by taking it out of your hands completely.

You can use this app to allow your small business associates, friends and family members to update their contact information themselves. It makes it very easy to organize your contacts and then allows them to maintain their information without having to even ask them for it.


If you’re a regular traveler and are having trouble keeping up with all of your business trips and itineraries, TripIt helps you keep your travel plans in check. No matter what site you used to book your trips, TripIt pools them all together and gives you one, easy-to-follow itinerary.

It then allows you to easily check all of your travel information, include directions from airports and train stations to your hotels, and weather reports for when you travel. TripIt will even notify you of any flight delays in real time.


For businesspeople who can’t live without their Microsoft Office suites, Polaris Office allows you to take everything that you need on the road with you. It’s pretty much an alternative to Apple’s iWork for people who prefer Microsoft.

The app works on any phone and allows you to not only sync, but also edit and create Microsoft Office files on your mobile device.


Even though we’ve taken some time to highlight some other fantastic apps for small business owners, let’s not forget about Humanity.

For any business owner or manager who needs help scheduling their employees and managing their staff, our app is the perfect solution for tackling those business needs and then some.