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Fully functional mobile applications enable you to use Humanity on the go. Humanity is available for Android, iOS and other mobile device types.

Never Be Overstaffed

Humanity gives you up-to-date stats in real time, letting you know when staff members are working. All scheduling conflicts are picked up by the software and reported immediately.

Use Old Spreadsheets

Don’t throw away your old scheduling spreadsheets. Instead, upload them into the Humanity platform and turn them into perfectly formatted schedules.

Find Workers to Fill Open Shifts

If someone drops a shift, Humanity lets you know immediately. The app also lets you know which of your employees are available and qualified to fill the shift.

Get Payroll-Ready Data

Help your financial department out by delivering perfectly formatted and accurate timesheets to them. Collect the data from within Humanity and export it for easily analysis.

Employees Can Help You Plan

Let employees define their availabilities so that you can better manage your staff. This makes it easier for you to find replacements as well when necessary.

From Hire to Retire

"Humanity makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!"

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Firms use on the net staff members work availability schedule maker simply because it can help them in producing an on the net roster for their workforce and maintain it devoid of any operational hassles. It is a beneficial and strong tool that must be applied by any firm that would like to grow quick inside a brief time. On the internet work availability schedule maker not only helps in improving the employee efficiency, but also lessens administrative get the job done.

Tends to make Worker Scheduling headache totally free

The on the web workavailability schedule maker is a powerful software that aids you in making and publishing worker schedules in a brief time. It can also be utilized to assign shifts making use of “autofill” purpose or even manually depending on the availability of staff, their skill, or time choices. The attractiveness of this is that you can quickly make changes or alter your schedule with a click on of your mouse.

If you are facing problems because of to erratic or sloppy employees then you can use workavailability schedule maker to carefully keep track of their pursuits. As a result, you can useavailability schedule maker to handle and watch your workforce, and see what every single of your personnel is executing. For instance, you can very easily perspective your personnel schedules, transform shifts, customize function time choices, and send out messages to them in actual time.

Relying on your small business and its hours of functions, you can use on the internet work availability schedule maker for producing personnel schedules for working day-to-working day or round the clock operations. This implies, you can easily produce your worker schedules equally for daytime and nighttime and even now observe all their routines in an effective way.

If you are usually on the move, you can however check the perform agenda of your personnel by likely on the net. You can do this by working with the cellular variation of the work availability schedule maker. This apps enables you to mail computerized text notifications, emails, and accessibility your firm’s bulletin board.

Benefits of Employing an Online Work availability schedule maker:

  • Far better Command -With this on the internet software package, you get greater command above your workforce, and can see their performance on the web.
  • Hugely Customizable – With a work availability schedule maker, you can cater to work time preferences of your workers, perform options and extra time with ease.
  • Delegate Tasks – Employing scheduling supervisors, you can easily delegate tasks or reassign them to your personnel from time to time.
  • Speedy Entry – You can entry your on-line get the job done system from any area and keep an eye on the effectiveness of your staff and their schedules.
  • Periodic Reporting – It is effortless to make periodic reports for evaluation function centered on the pursuits of personnel in a give time frame.
  • Charge-Efficient Answer- A work availability schedule maker will allow you to deal with your work drive in a charge powerful way.
  • Better Setting up – With a work availability schedule maker you can quickly approximate all scheduling payroll fees with utmost precision
  • Enhanced Security – All info and information that is entered is password safeguarded. This minimizes any likelihood of hacking makes an attempt or unauthorized access to a variety of accounts.

The accomplishment of any firm depends on the timely allocation of function and efficiency of workers. You won’t be in a position to obtain command of your staff members or company if you fail to control the get the job done schedules. Even so, by using an excellent online work availability schedule maker, you can effortlessly optimize the operate hrs, increase productivity and improve employee performance. This will routinely guide to better income!

Organizations working with an employee availability schedule maker do it simply because it aids them with generating a roster for their personnel and keep it devoid of going through any operation hassles. It really is a quite effective and useful device any really serious business out there really should use because it increases worker productiveness, helps a lot with time management and reduces administrative work.

What does it do?

An online availability schedule maker keeps track of quite a few staff associated facets like payment, sick leaves, getaway periods and so on. When the software senses a potential conflicting situation, it immediately notifies the staff about it. On major of that, the application is so flexible that it can easily review all previous activities of the employee and then put together payrolls appropriately. Employee scheduling software does a good job at supervising job management competently.

More compact enterprises will discover this function to be crucial, due to the fact they are the ones in the finest need of preserving their operational and administrative expenditures as low as possible. If they want, they can quickly employ part time workers who can simply be scheduled to work throughout any time of the working day. Simply because overall flexibility is typically necessary to deal with schedules, the employeeavailability schedule maker comes as the perfect option for this concern. There are loads of industries that can benefit from a flexible device to take care of their scheduling needs such as firms in manufacturing, health care, retail industries, government and so on.


  1. Prevents and stops the over-scheduling of workforce which can negatively influence productivity.
  2. Helps with completing a larger amount of jobs just about every day.
  3. Improves transparency of all field operations and worker utilization.
  4. Helps with finishing contracts on time.
  5. Decreases the chance of errors occurring.

The employee scheduler is essential for several companies mainly because it lessens the burden of companies who are presently dependable for tiresome administrative duties.

The purpose of worker routine templates

This is a quite rapidly way of making personnel schedules. Such templates contain info with regards to the employee’s job profile, availability and delegated work hours. By working with them, organizations seeking to check unique elements of their personnel can leverage employee scheduling software and produce the template they want for improved productiveness and far better use of present sources.

It really is good information for businesses simply because they will no longer have to go through the difficulty of obtaining their templates redesigned every single time an employee’s regime changes. Due to the reality that the software package is mobile phone friendly, the employer can simply obtain access to the platform even when he’s on the go.

Every corporation possessing to deal with activity administration and employee productivity must contemplate an employee availability schedule maker, in particular provided the reality that this method is web based and hence granting the two staff and companies entry to it.

Last but not least, the software needs to be user friendly in order for anyone to be ready to simply pick out their sought after shifts without having jogging into issues. The instances when scheduling was a dreaded activity are over and by utilizing an employees scheduler, corporations can easily conserve time devoid of compromising the quality of work. This is a wonderful technique to aid corporations in their quest to properly expand and scale their organizations speedily and properly!

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