Auburn University Uses Humanity For Staff Scheduling

“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

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Business Overview

AUHD is the video board department at Auburn University. We produce the video board and web streams at football, basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming and softball. We have multiple events at the same time or on the same day. Many of the positions are very specialized, so getting the right staff in place is very important.

Created in 2007 with the installation of a new video display in the football stadium. Started at football and moved into other sports as video displays were updated or installed to include video capabilities.

Scheduling Overview

With 30 employees it’s hard to make sure we have capable people in our skilled positions. Also we have to work around class and full time work schedules. A lot of our work is done by students and their schedules are always hectic. All of our employees are independent contractors, so they have other responsibilities as well.

Previous Scheduling Method

We used the work scheduler It was okay but had no innovation or updates for years.

Since Humanity

Humanity has made it flexible and brought it to mobile devices. Almost all of my contractors have smartphones, so the email and text alerts are great. The list view is very helpful to get a glance at all the people scheduled to work that day. The ability to set unavailable times is very useful when scheduling people to work.

I would recommend the work scheduler Humanity: the scheduler is vastly improved over the Work2Work work scheduler we used before. Work2Work sent out too many emails and didn’t batch them all together. This caused people to ignore the emails. Now Humanity sends out one email with all the changes to multiple shifts. This is a great advantage. Crew members really like the new interface and being able to use it on their iPhones.

We are really enjoying the service.- Bradley Green – Auburn University


We found the live chat reps to be helpful.

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