Employee Attendance Monitoring System and Tracking Software

Attendance Monitoring System

Gather and collect all of your team's time and attendance data with Time Clock. Use it to create timesheets that are ideal for getting payroll work completed on time and accurately.

Award Great Attendance

By being able to see who is coming in late or leaving early, Time Clock enables you to send warnings and notifications in order to make these bad clock behaviors stop.

Instant and Accurate Reporting

Not only is time and attendance data available to you in real time and with just one click, it is also incredibly accurate. Use Time Clocks detailed reporting to be able to forecast and plan shifts better.

Create Perfect Timesheets

Export the data you have compiled from Humanity to make immaculate timesheets effortlessly. Use this information to better manage every facet of team organization.

Keep Track of Good Attendance

Not only can you use Time Clock to monitor bad clock behavior and send warnings to team members, you can also highlight good attendance. See who is a model employee and let them know you appreciate it.

Encourage Timeliness

Set better examples and improve communication by introducing Time Clock to your business. Create new rules for time and attendance and enforce them easily company-wide.

From Hire to Retire

"Humanity makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!"

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Why Companies Need Employee attendance monitoring system

Employees need to keep track of the time they spend on various tasks. So for example, if you’re on the clock for a company or project you will need to fill out a timesheet throughout the work period. In case you’re self-employed, you may still need to account for your own time for billing purposes. There are hundreds of timecard software applications in the market but for the most part, they require you to enter your time only at the end of the week or so. This could lead to problems if you don’t enter relevant information immediately it could end up being wrong.

In order to keep track on the employees and also their working procedure, nowadays, owners of both big and small firms are taking help of employee time attendance monitoring system. The software is known for its easy to use the feature along with other additional services like easy maintenance features and also quick implementation areas. The products are going to be deployed either individually or with the help of seamless integrated product suits.

There are certain major points, which are to be focused at, through this special software service. The time attendance monitoring system is going to provide various special complete procedures, and those are editing, creation of new time slot, updating and also approving of the timesheet. It can also help in updating and assigning the previously created timesheet and after taking less of your time. The software is also going to help companies of different sizes and with the help of time tracking services and needs, for your use.

The companies, known for offering the best service, solely focus towards the full suite capturing the form of cloud-based computing services and solutions. There are three major points, which can be included in this field, and those are “time attend,” “time cost” and also time bill. The services are made in such a manner so that you can fully access the software in any official environment or during on the go option. Therefore, now you do not have to control your employees from office only as this software is known for the best services and through mobility areas.

With the time attend option of employee time attendance monitoring system, you can track and attendance level and also the time off services. This can also be stated as an easy usable timesheet, associated with hourly employees and also salary options. In case you want to keep track of the time off services along with overtime policies and the reliable business rules, this software can prove to be the best example, which you can try and get in touch. You can configure the software with your Smartphone and use it on your way.

There are certain other positive points, which you can avail with the services of timesheet management software. You have the liberty now to setup multiple level approvals along standard reports. These can be made in the configurable manner and with proper integration with the leading HR and payroll software. You are asked to check the details of the software through online platform, where the same software and demo accounts are available.

Now, you do not have to worry about the employee’s working schedule as the software will do the same for you. Moreover, you can make up the adjustments at any point of time and with auto fill investment values, within the schedule option. You can also try and compare the scheduled and the actual timing or hours of the employees, to keep track of their services. If you want to create a report on the historical schedule adherence services, then this software is the best example that you can try and get the best results, associated with it.

Certain businesses also have the requirement to track employee time and attendance. Most of these organizations are service-oriented and they bill employee time directly to the client. And others are mostly the service departments, where employee time is a direct cost to the company. Mostly businesses that require employee time tracking are as follows:

  • Consulting
  • Accounting
  • Law Firms
  • Distribution/Warehousing
  • Repair Service Companies/Departments
  • Auto Repair
  • Installation Companies/Departments

Ways to Track Employee Time:

  • Paper Forms are the simplest way to track employees’ time by asking them to account for their time spent. The form is then sent to a clerk who manually enters the details into the system.
  • Punch Cards are another way. Each day/week, cards with employee names need to be created and a punch clock (or clocks) is required to be located in a central and convenient location.
  • Wall Mount Swipe Clocks are about similar to punch-type clocks, except that there are no paper cards to create every week. Employees use their ID cards to swipe in or out each time.
  • Wall Mounted Biometric Clocks use a finger print or a hand print to identify the employee.
  • Handheld / Portable devices are ideal for employees who work in the field. These clocks are an alternative to paper forms and are just as portable
  • Payroll Software Data is used to generate payroll as per a set period. And in Accounting Software: Data is used for customer billing or for calculating the cost of a product.

Of these options, a software application is the preferred application by businesses due to its enhanced features. Since, employee time tracking is recorded with 100% accuracy, there is no discrepancy in the hours that employees worked and as a project manager, you are in total control of the time attendance monitoring system, and you can rely on it unlike as in other traditional types of time tracking applications. Therefore, software applications help avoid time-consuming calculations which could lead to mistakes.

When you have to decide between the animated paperclip feature and the more financial functions feature, would you not want to know how much time each will take? At a business level, you would typically know how much you are paying your engineers, so time attendance monitoring system allows you to compute the cost of people for the project. Typically, people are the most expensive component of a software project; and in knowing this, such programs are a large benefit. Time attendance monitoring system not only helps you compute costs, but it is useful as well. The best estimates come from engineers, and to continue to provide good estimates, the engineers need to continually refine their estimates. Some engineers track their time well, while others need a little encouragement.

Detailed time tracking is a good way to make (or at least try to make) engineers track their time and improve estimates. However I would recommend limiting the number of such items. If you do not want your reports to become nightmares, limit the number of buckets you are tracking. Group items such as internal meetings, product training and conference calls into a single Internal category. It will simplify your reports and make it easier for employees to log their time. Engage your team and communicate how the time tracking data is going to be used (and how it is not going to be used).

Such systems ensures that employees are punctual because when employees are not punctual or take too much personal time off, overall productivity suffers, and so does your bottom line. The end result hence, is less waste and more profit for the organization.

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