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“With a winning positive attitude, and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, Humanity is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available. It is completely in-valuable to our business and operation.”

– Taryn Wa – Savoury Chef –

Business Overview

We have about 50 employees and we were originally created as just Student Computing Support for Abilene Christian University but now serve Faculty and Staff as well.

Scheduling Overview

The biggest challenge we face is that all our employees are also University students. As such availability is one of the most important pieces for us. The work scheduler Humanity provides us the ease of flexibility we need for this.



Church & Volunteer





Previous Scheduling Method

We have had two homegrown scheduling systems prior to this. They fit most of our needs but did not have intuitive interfaces or user friendly mass scheduling pieces. Prior to those we simply used a shared Google or Excel spreadsheet. All of the above created a scheduling nightmare for someone trying to balance 30+ students’ chaotic availabilities.

Since Humanity

We now have the ability to simply input all availability and easily identify who is available for what. It’s a simple to understand interface for our employees who all had a deep loathing for our prior scheduling software. It’s reliability has allowed us to set an expectation that what is in the work scheduler is up to date and accurate, which we did not have before.

I would and I have recommend Humanity to others. Our staff and programmers know some of the team by name. They are quick to respond and extremely helpful. They have made our lives easier time and again.

One other thing I would note that we do is that we have used the API provided to create a homegrown Clocking software. It has allowed us to integrate quite easily our own time clocking and the work scheduler so I can easily see who was late to which shifts or if people were clocked in when they were not scheduled.

It has simplified our scheduling process.  Eric Lemmons – Hardware Repair Coordinator – ACU Technology Support Services

Scheduling is something that almost all the other folks I meet in my field struggle with and I take each opportunity to point them your direction.


Finally I would like to mention how much I like the more recent Payroll feature. I have recently begun using that piece and the reports it gives allow me easily see how much I am spending and where. It’s something that both myself and my superiors are excited about.

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“We like that Humanity doesn't keep your data behind its walled garden.”


“With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease.”


“It is an intuitive product, with a nice range of features.”

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